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Stainless Steel Plate Price List

Shaanxi World Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd | Updated: Sep 26, 2018 ,more information. contact with us  by mail .

In 2018, China carried out a large number of environmental reforms. Many factories faced closures, which led to a shortage of domestic steel supplies and material costs continued to grow. The following is the factory-excluded tax price for stainless steel plates in September this year:

Cold trimming

304/2B       2309$/T

304L/2B     2206$/T

321/2B       2632$/T

316L/2B      3323$/T

430/2B       1272$/T

Hot rolled burrs

304/No.1      2309$/T

304L/No.1    2338$/T

321/No.1      2580$/T

316L/No.1     3331$/T

medium and thick plates trimming

304/No.1      2676$/T

304L/No.1    2720$/T

316L/No.1    3919$/T

Plate Coils

304/No.1(4.0-6.0)      2235$/T

304/No.1(8.0-12.0)    2235$/T

304/No.1 (14.0)         2330$/T

304/No.1(16.0)          2360$/T

316L/No.1(4.0-12.0)   3228$/T

304/No.1(18-25)        2676$/T

316L/No.1                  3757$/T

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