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1422 Mm Super Large Diameter, X80 Grade And 12 MPa High Pressure Welded Pipelines.

Shaanxi World Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 14, 2018

API5L X80 pipeline steel is applied to the Sino-Russian East Line

As is known to all, the Sino-Russian East-West Natural Gas Pipeline Project under construction is a major energy project for the construction of the “Belt and Road” project in China. The Heihe-Changling section covered by it is located at the northernmost tip of China, with complex geological conditions and severe cold weather throughout the year. The use of 1422mm large diameter and wall thickness 25.7mm X80 pipeline steel welded pipe(LSAW), to meet the annual requirements of transporting 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas, this is currently the world's largest diameter, the highest strength of the X80 pipeline.

X80 1422mm outer diameter welded pipe thousand tons trial production site

1422mm diameter X80 grade pipeline.jpg

In response to many difficulties such as high strength, large pipe diameter, large wall thickness, and extremely harsh construction environment (temperature below minus 40 degrees Celsius), Baosteel team conducted a large-scale natural gas pipeline research with PetroChina in 2012 to carry out a 1422mm large diameter pipe. Development and trial production of X80 pipeline steel and pipeline welded pipe. Through the early intervention of the project and the technical reserve in advance, after several rounds of trial production verification and small batch trial production, Baosteel completed the technical preparation for the steel and pipe used in the Sino-Russian East Line project. In 2017, China National Petroleum Corporation and China Iron and Steel Association jointly organized product joint appraisal. Baosteel has the qualification to supply the Sino-Russian East Line. Since 2017, it has successfully welded the 1422 mm super large diameter, X80 grade and 12 MPa high pressure pipelines. The 160,000 tons of steel plate has helped this “national heavy weapon” to reach the world's largest cross-border long-distance high-pressure natural gas pipeline project with the largest single-tube output. Baosteel also became the first steel company to master the world's largest caliber, the thickest wall, the highest steel-grade pipeline steel and line pipe production technology, and successfully realized the large-scale supply and engineering application.

Full-scale gas explosion test of X80 PetroChina in Italy CSM

Full-scale gas explosion test X80 grade pipeline.jpg

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