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Pipeline Coating

3PE/3PP/FBE Pipe consists of a high performance fusion bonded epoxy(FBE) layer, an adhesive layer and an outer layer of high density polyethylene or polypthylene. The layers external coating has excellent resistance to abrasion, wear, acid, alkali and cathodic disbonding, etc.
  • 3-Layer Polypropylene Coated Pipe
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    3-Layer Polypropylene Coated Pipe

    WORLD IRON STEEL stock the full range of 3LPP coating pipe according to DIN30670.3LPP welded pipe/3LPP seamless steel pipe,The three layers Polyethylene(3PE/3LPE) line pipe consists of a high performance fusion bonded epoxy(FBE) layer,an adhesive layer and an outer layer of...Read More
  • 3PE/3PP/FBE Coated Line Pipe
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    3PE/3PP/FBE Coated Line Pipe

    3PE, 2PE, 3PP, 2PP, FBE and 2layer FBE. Pipes outside diameters range from OD 88.9 to OD2020mm. The coating is in accordance with DIN 30670,DIN 30678, TS 5139,UNI 9099 and EN 10288 standards.Read More
  • Pipeline Polyurethane Solventless Coating
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    Pipeline Polyurethane Solventless Coating

    Polyurethane Coatings, which is recommended as protective coating and lining for underground & on ground pipelines. . It is 100% solids, applied by plural component airless spray equipment. It is ideally suited for the areas where higher DFT is required as protective barrier....Read More
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